Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tobago Again

Sunset in Tobago

December 13, 2016
Stephanie, Jim, Kathy

Three days after leaving our anchorage on the Essequibo River Guyana, we sailed into Store Bay Tobago.  Sv Kestrel, sv Inishnee (both boats that were in Guyana with us) sv Blue Blaze and sv Tango were there to greet us.  If you remember from Easter 2016, sv Tango are Tobago regulars.  Remember.......the goat races?!
Tom and Anika

 It was so nice to see everyone again as well as being back in lovely Tobago.  Soon we were catching up with locals we met last spring (2016) as well as meeting new people - cruisers and local both.
sv Honey Ryder and sv Tango

We also enjoyed swimming in the crystal clear, turquoise blue Caribbean waters.  Ah.....  We even started up the Store Bay morning noodling class again - biligual nooding (American and Swedish).  Too funny.
Stephanie with her first ever magarita and Laura

We shared a rental car one day with sv Blue Blaze and explored the island.  Note to self - check the gas gauge when running around Tobago in a rental car on a Sunday.  More later on our explorations.
Largest tree in Tobago -Tom, Sabrina, Laura

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