Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Friends in High Places - Dave in Charlotteville

Dave waving from the SW corner of his house

"Oh Honey Ryder.  It is you.  I saw your husband on the beach and I said "Honey Ryder is back."  I am so happy to see you.  Welcome back my friends.  Welcome back."  That was the greeting I got on our boat as Dave came along side.
What a view

If you will remember, last April (2016) Tom went out fishing with Dave to learn the local methods.  "I am so happy to see you again Honey Ryder.  Your husband MUST come fishing with me again.  This time no charge.  You are my freinds now.  No charge."  
Pirates Bay on the left, Charlotteville on the right, Irish neighbor below

We were happy to see Dave as well.  We had been looking for him but just had not seen him yet.  Over the next few days we chatted off and on.
View towards Grenada - Pirates Bay on the right

"Dave, do you still have your house up high on the hill over there?  The one over looking the whole bay?  Or did you sell it?  I think you were going to sell it last time we were here."  "Oh yes, oh yes.  I still have that house.  I did not sell it.  I am not going to."  It seems he and some of the other fishermen got payouts (payoffs)  from an oil company doing exploration off the coast.  The exploration affected the fishing - not good!  Dave used that money to pay off his boat and his house.  Smart guy!
View to the west

"You must come up to my house and see it.  You know I built it myself."  

We agreed upon a day and rough time and walked up there.  I should say hiked up there.  It is quite a hike to get there.  He is pretty much the highest house on a hill overlooking the bay.  The view is nothing short of spectacular!
The foot path up - he carried all the building supplies up that

We hiked up the main road and then off another road and finally up a foot path.  YES - Dave's only access to his house is foot path!  Think about that.  He built the house himself.  He had to carry all the building materials up the final foot path himself!!  OMG!
Limin' with friends on the north side of the house

The house is a well built concrete house common in the Caribbean.  Many houses down here are in a constant state of construction for years and years.  It seems in many countries down here if you officially finish off your house, then you have to pay more on your loan and therefore many are in constant construction mode.  Not Dave's.  It is completely finished off and nicely painted, bright orange.
To new friendships

There is a narrow deck that runs along three sides of the house.  Just enought to walk but more importantly wide enough to put chairs on to sit and take in the view. Oh the view!
Walking the grounds

The grounds around his house are beautiful as well.  Various flowering scrubs and bushes, a mango tree or two and some papaya.  I pointed to the papaya specifically and commented  A few days later he brought me one on the boat.  "This is from my brother's house, just down the hill.  Mine were not ripe yet."  Awe....

He cranked up the radio.  "Dave, is this radio station from....Grenada?"  "Oh yes.  I am up high so I get Grenada radio stations."  Music, a few beers, new friendship and the best view on the island - we were limin' in grand style!  
Typical Trini - big, quality speakers - Trini's love their loud music

It was a lovely day.

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