Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Calabash Scrumping in Tobago

Scrumping - Urban Dictionary says "Stealing fruit, especially apples from someone else's trees."  A term we learned from our British friends.

Calabash, bitter oranges and cocoa pod
So while we were buzzing around Tobago in the rental car with Jason and Laura (sv Blue Blaze), we stopped at what is now a defuncted tourist attraction.  Some waterwheel ruins.  Mainly we wanted to stretch our legs and see if we could spot some birds.

Sure enough, a little hiking and we Jason and Laura spotted Motmot bird.  They are really pretty kewl looking.  They have two funky tail feathers at the end of their tail that makes them quite distinctive.  Look at me being all birdy and such.
Calabash on the tree
We did explore the overgrown ruins of the waterwheel as well.  At one point the grounds were no doubt landscaped and manacured.  Even with the overgrowth, we could see the evidence of ornamental bushes planted along what used to be the walkway and such.  Then Laura and I spotted what we thought was a lime tree.  (We found out later....when we tried the juice from these fruits......that it was a bitter orange tree.  Wowie - sour.  Laura tossed hers.  I dumped massive amounts of sugar in with the juice, added water and Voila,!)  Then we spotted a calabash tree on the grounds of the waterwheel ruins.  FYI - the fruits from a Calabash tree are hard and round and generally used as cups and bowls when hollowed out.  Rastas use them in this fashion.  Locals carve or paint calabash "gourds" with designs and sell to tourists.  With great difficulty, Laura and I twisted two off the tree.
Cockpit Xmas tree?

I also picked up a Lobster claw flower to decorate sv Honey Ryder and a cocoa pod.

It was quite the stop for scrumping.  Although we weren't really scrumping as the place was abandoned.  Ok, we were but no harm as it was abandoned.....how is that?

Note to self -  If you go on an island tour, take your cutlass, as you never know when you will have an opportunity to go scrumping

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  1. Isn't the Blue-Crowned Mot Mot a glorious bird? We saw our first in mainland Belize and were enchanted. We took sooooo many photos as he just sat in the branch for so long, not a bit nervous. Your photo is better, though!