Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fishing Report - New Rig in Tobago

New fishing rig handmade by Dave for Tom

While we were in Charlotteville this time, Tom got to talking fishing with Dave and discussing fishing rigs.  Handline specifically.  "I will build you a proper one.  Yes, you need a proper handline so you can catch fish."
Dave making it, Tom learning

They went ashore and bought all the stuff to make this fishing rig.  Dave cut a branch from a lemon tree - "Best wood for the handline.  Very strong."
Tom and Dave - fishing buddies

"Oh, you are going to catch so many fish with this.  I wish I could come with you on your boat to see all the fish you are going to catch."    Beware fishes!!  Thanks Dave!

Update  - We have tried it twice.  Once on the sail from Tobago to Carriacou and once on the sail from Carriacou to Martinique.  Fish = 2 sv Honey Ryder =0.  But we are determined.  

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