Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fishing Report - Lion Fish Huntress

Laura on sv Blue Blaze LOVES to hunt lion fish.  I mean this girl really gets into it.  Charlotteville Tobago was ripe for the lion fish hunting.  The fishermen don't hunt them and don't eat them.  No one has shown them how to clean them safely and more importantly how to cook them up.  They are all afraid to eat the lion fish for fear of getting sick.  Therefore, the population of lion fish is unchecked.

Laura and I went for a simple snorkel around the rocks/coral in the middle of Pirates Bay.  We spotted several, a few were big ones.  I thought Laura was going to swim back to her boat right then and there to get her Hawaiian sling....mainly because she said "Darn!  I knew I should have brought my sling."  

The next day she was in the water going to town on the lion fish.  She speared (slinged - nope doesn't sound right) a huge one plus several others.  In the process of getting him, she ended up with a puncture from the fins - OUCH!  But she is a tough cookie.  They buzzed back to the boat and put some really hot water on the puncture wound to stop the pain and 45 mins later they were diving on the reef, spearing even more lion fish.  Go team Blue Blaze!

Yay Laura!  Proud of you.

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