Friday, December 30, 2016

Off The Charts In Guyana - Screaming Fresh Water

The Essequibo River is 600 miles long, the third longest river in South America.  Our camping trip to Rockstone took us approximately 20 miles up river from our anchorage that is 45 miles up river!   Even at Rockstone we had a tidal flow.  However, the river is fresh water.  Well…..fresh as in not salt water.  There is silt and flow off. 

Anyway, if you thought you heard a faint, far off screaming on the day we entered the Essequibo, it might have been coming from our hull.  The few barnacles that we had on our hull when we arrived no doubt died screaming as we motored up the river.  It is odd not having to deal with salt crystals everywhere.  Rust has been kept at a minimum as well because we are in fresh water  However, our poor old galvanized chain is suffering.  And our dinghy Nick Nack continues to struggle along regardless of fresh or salt water.

Update – 12-29-16  We have been in Tobago since 12-16-16 and thus in salt water since departing Guyana.  I dove on the hull yesterday to check for growth and barnacles.  I am happy to report none!  Our bottom paint along with the time we spent in fresh water seem to be the right combo to keeping the nasties at bay……knock on wood. 

SO…..if you are a cruiser and it’s time for a bottom job, maybe just pop down to Guyana first for a visit.  All the growth will die and fall off and then you can head up to Trinidad for a new paint job.   

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