Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Off The Charts In Guyana - The Beginning

See the area just below the arrow?  No chart - literally off the chart

Dec 16th 2016
We have dubbed this adventure Off The Charts In Guyana for a couple of reasons.

  1. Guyana is not a "regular tourist” destination you hear average people bring up at cocktail parties.  “Hey, how was your holiday in Guyana?”  Many people don't even know where Guyana is or what continent it is on.  Hint - S American.
  2.  Guyana is not a destination frequented by the average cruiser sailing the eastern Caribbean. 
  3. As such, there is limited information:  Guidebook is pretty thin.  New waypoints and information are passed on from cruiser to cruiser.
  4. The biggest reason for the name?  We are literally Off-The-Charts!  Our group is anchored off Baganara Resort, approximately 4 miles south of Bartica.  All of the electronic charts (in our chartplotters, iPads, PC's) end right after Bartica.  Therefore we are exploring Off-The-Charts,, again, literally.  For those of  you that sail or boat.....when was the last time you went sailing/boating without your precious electronic charts - hum?  FYI - Our Garmin chartplotters tell us that the mapped information is from a Captain CM Gibson O.B.E.R.N surveyed 1925-1927 under the direction of the Harbor Board British Guiana, with additions and corrections from surveys and information supplied by the Transportation and Harbours Department of Guyana, to1971.  There is also updated information from 2013.
  5. It is a better name than the “Don’t Drink The Koolaide Tour.”  Yes, the Jonestown massacre happened in Guyana in the 70’s.  No, we don’t plan to bring this up or ask.  I have seen very little about it in the Guyana trip planning info.  My guess is that the country is trying to forget that so we will too.
  6. We feel a bit like Captains Cook and Bligh exploring.  And we too like breadfruit!
  7. Every good adventure tale needs a clever name.  

FYI - Just to reiterate....being off the charts is a weird feeling.  And as an added bonus, there are various shoals and rocks awash that show up only at low tide.  Gulp!  Definitely a new adventure for us!

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