Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Off The Charts In Guyana - The Cast of Characters

The cruisers circus
As this adventure begins, it is probably helpful for you to have an idea of the cast of characters that make up our cruisers circus.

Sv Liahona – Captain Mark and Admiral Willie along with crew/guests Dick (Big Dick) and Deb, Canadians that previously cruised but who swallowed the hook and now live ashore in Nova Scotia.  Mark and Willie are repeat visitors to Guyana.  FYI - Mark and Willie have a large dinghy with big outboard.  They also borrowed sv Cape's large dinghy with big outboard for this trip.  These two plus sv Persephone's dinghy were the primary modes of transport for the 4 miles trip into Bartica.

Sv Persephone – Captain David another repeat to Guyana.  American

Sv Larus – Captain Tim and Admiral Nancy.  Brits – (thank goodness since we are heavy on the Americans on this trip).  First time to Guyana.
Captain Randy

Sv Sinbad  - Captain Randy.  American.  First time to Guyana.  Crew Larry joined after several weeks.

Sv Maria – Captain Brian.  American.  Crew include a National Geo contract writer and her boyfriend photographer.   First time to Guyana.   
The Circus in Georgetown Diwali

Later arrivals include
Sv Wild Matilda – Captain Bruce.  We first got the idea to come to Guyana from Bruce. 

Sv Inishnee – Captain Jim and Admiral Kathy with crew/guest Rich (Jim’s brother).  Americans.  First time to Guyana. 
Cooking class

Sv Giraff – Captain Peter and Admiral Anna.  Netherlands.  First time to Guyana.

Sv Kestrel – Captain Gabor and Admiral Isolde.  Canadian.  First time to Guyana.
The Cruisers Canopy Tour - aka The Circus Goes Into The Bush Tour
Many locals also played a roll in our exploration and adventures. I will try to introduce you to them as we go along.

Oh what a circus we were wherever we went.  We couldn’t help it.  I hope at least we were entertaining to the locals like a circus would be.  


  1. Ohmidog, someone took their beautiful Boston Terrier along, and didn't even get a mention!? I wonder how easy/difficult it was to get their dog into Guyana. I know when we were planning on cruising, some countries made it much harder than others for pets to enter.

  2. "Tippy" belongs to Stuart and Paul and has dual petship in Canada and Guyana. Tippy goes everywhere, including Diwali. The fireworks and crowds didn't seem to bother Tippy at all. It was fun walking behind Paul and Tippy, all the locals stopped and pointed at Tippy as they pasted by. I don't think Boston Terriers are common in Guyana.