Monday, December 19, 2016

Guyana - Passage Notes

Passage cookies - yum!

Dec 12th - 15th 2016
In no particular order
Tom happy to be on passage with passage cookies
How is it our cockpit cushions seem harder this season?
Sailing to windward at times makes me cranky.
Cruisers that do the thorny patch are crazy.
I miss friends that have unfriended me on Facebook.
I hope friends that have unfriended me on Facebook will friend me again once the election is over.
How did we get here – election wise?
Flying fish fly an amazingly far distance.
No offense to Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, but there really is no way to capture the true blue shades of the deep blue ocean.
If I took out enough seawater to fill a big swimming pool, would it have at least a little of this blue color?  Probably not.  Light reflection and all.
Passage cookies are good.  Especially when someone else makes them.  Thank you Jackson!
It makes me sad when all the passage cookies are gone and yet the passage is still going.  
Double rainbow.  Can you see it?

Do triple rainbows exist?  I have never seen one in real life or pics, so…..probably not. 
I like that I have smart friends that I can ask about triple rainbows.  They are like Google and Wikipedia but way more entertaining. 
Living with younger people makes you lazy when it comes to finding information.  They can look up anything online – like your own personal Google.
Lands end - NE tip of Trinidad.  Next stop Guyana
Doubles sound good right now.
Dolphins are amazing creatures.
We haven’t seen another ship or vessel in nearly 24 hrs.
Such a huge ocean, however it always amazes me that after seeing no other vessel, I now have a serious crossing situation with a big ship – passing within 1 mile and only because we have altered course.  Really!
Off watch


  1. I am sad to hear that people unfriended you re. the election. I just unfollowed those whose election-related posts I didn't want to see. Thank goodness that is only a small % of my FB friends. Most are intelligent, thoughtful, and like-minded.

    Passage cookies sound yummy. Tell Cap't Tom he looks amazing. Cruising agrees with you both!

  2. Awesome post! Well said....Let me know when the smart people answer the color question and the triple rainbow quandry.

    Enjoy the Holidays!

  3. It's good to see you guys back was wondering. Just so you know I'm in Iowa but went to school in Atchison. Stay safe and keep blogging. Marc

  4. Stream of consciousness broken up by photos rocks!