Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Unexpected Passenger

We decided it was time to head home from Levi's New Years Day cook up.  We slowly walked along with fellow cruiser and K-Stater Farrow.  As usual a couple three of local island dogs tagged long behind us. Star and her two side kicks - I forget their names.  There are many islands dogs here in Carriacou.  Some have collars, some don't.  Some belong to people, some don't.  Many ex-pats, locals and cruisers work to look after them but they still have a tough life.  These are smart dogs.  They know the score.  They know how to work people.  They are sweet dogs actively seeking affection and food at every turn.  

Tom got in the dinghy and was unlocking it while I sat on the dock holding the line.  Next thing we knew, Star hopped right down into the dinghy next to Tom.  Licked-split.  We laugh.  "No Star.  You can't come with."  "Come on sweet pea, get out.  You can't come."  Tom tried to move her to which she promptly sat down and then laid down.  We laughed some more.  Tom got out thinking she might follow.  I tried to get her excited "Star, get Tom!  Go get him!  Come girl, get Tom."  It didn't work.  Then I tired to get tough "Star, out.  Now!  Come on, out!"  She dipped her head and gave me her best puppy dog eyes - awe.....not fair.  Finally I tied off the dinghy, got up and walked back down the dock towards Tom.  "Come on girl."  She hopped out of the dinghy and followed.  Tom then walked back down and got in the dinghy while I held Star back, my heart breaking a little bit.  We escaped as she stood there watching us go.  Soon I saw her jump into a bigger, fancy dinghy and settle down.  Won't those people be surprised when they return to their dingy.  


  1. Aww. That's tough to resist. Might be bringing a dog back to the boat.

  2. Awwwww! Sweet baby. We knew dogs like her in Belize. It's a tough life for them.