Sunday, January 17, 2016

Plongee - PADI Open Water Dive Certificate - Final Word

I want to say a special thanks to Lumbadive.  From day one (last year) on Tom's lion fish hunt, Richard and Diane (owners of Lumbadive) have been open, friendly, and accommodating.  In the weeks that followed me getting my dive certificate, we got to know Richard, Diane, Sylvain and Joanne better.  They are a big part of what makes Carriacou such a special place for us.
Richard and me
Sylvain my instructor was terrific.  Carriacou is a great place to learn to dive.  There are so many dive sites with good, healthy reefs.  If any of you readers are thinking of getting your PADI Open Water, I would highly, highly recommend Lumbadive.  Additionally, for those of you that have your PADI and need a refresher or want to take the next step, Lumbadive is the place!

By getting my certificate thru Lumbadive, I earned Diane's mark of accomplishment
I am proud of my accomplishment and excited to see where this new activity takes us.    

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  1. Congratulations, Sabrina! We met so many certified divers in Belize (not to mention back in NC) that I truly had no idea it was so complicated to get one's certification. This confirms to me that I will stick with snorkeling. I am sure diving is great, but I get very nervous when I am being evaluated and have to perform in front of "experts", so that would not be for me. VERY happy for you, though. I just love the underwater world, and my experiences snorkeling in Belize, Mexico, and the Bahamas are some of the highlights of my life, literally, so I can definitely see the attraction of diving. I hope you have many excellent dives in the future!