Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Old Years Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day

We had such a good time last New Years Eve in Carriacou that we decided to come here again and do Xmas too.  

New Year's Eve did not disappoint.  The main dinghy dock was packed with dinghies as everyone was ashore.  We stuffed Nick Nack in and headed to Mavis's for a buffet dinner of BBQ chicken, fish, lobster and sides.  Lemon cake for dessert.  Yum.  It was 99% yachties but her family showed up including her mom - " Dat me mom."   A three piece band set up after dinner and started playing reggae covers.  Some cruisers danced.  Then they switched to golden oldies.  I felt sorry for the three young musicians - while they were good, the golden oldies looked to be killing them.  We began working our way towards the entrance and then  across the street to Luckie's.  We've been told she is quite a character.  The place was empty except for Lucky and Geoff of sv Beach House, a cruiser, entrenched here in Carriacou 4 years now.  He knows all the places and everyone.  Soon two other cruising boats turned up to see Lucky and get a roadie to go.
Some headed towards a place called Off the hook near Paradise Beach so they could see the fireworks from Union Island.  We headed towards Lambi Queen.  The place was packed, overflowing out into the street,  Choca and his drummers had just wrapped up a drumming performance.  Darn, we missed it.  Everyone seemed to be there. Locals, ex-pats, stuck cruisers, cruisers, and people on holiday.  
Midnight came.  Hugs, kisses and well wishes were lite up by a few flares in the night sky to mark the occasion.  Seems like a good way to get rid of expired flares and practice firing them.  Note to self - donate our expired flares next year.

Choca began moving his drums to Sundowners so we followed. The bonfire was burning and soon the drumming started.  Tom sat in.  Some cruiser did a fire dance swinging around what looked to be lite ropes.  When he first started, it was a bit questionable and I thought to myself "what is this dumbass doing and this is not going to end well."  I feared it was a "hold my beer and watch this moment" but once he got going, I realized he knew what he was doing.

*How does one train for this sort of thing?  Circus?  Hawaii dinner show?  Wheaton KS beer drink?   Hum?  Anyway, it was kewl.  When the drumming stopped, we migrated back to Lambi Queen for some dancing.  FYI - Sundowners is 20 yards from Lambi Queen so not a big walk.

After some fun dancing, we popped over to Levi's place.  Oh boy.  They we're just getting started in there. Well, most..... There was one guy passed out / asleep on the only bench in the place.  Levi was still going strong.  We hung in as long as we could chatting and dancing.  When we arrived 70's disco music was playing on the stereo.... which consists of a laptop playing You Tube videos through a great sound system.  Eventually I asked if I could change it.  Levi said ok - 2 songs only.  I put on Farmer Nappy "My house" - soca music and everyone went crazy.  When we left at 3:43 am the soca was still playing.  
Check out the DJ booth - laptop playing You Tube videos
New Years Day deserves it's own write up so stay tuned....

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