Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Every Man A Wildcat - EMAW

Xmas eve we joined an informal cruisers pub crawl to meet some fellow cruisers, check out some places we had not been and generally say Merry Xmas.  We were the newbies of the group as the others cruisers knew each other, some from hurricane season in Luperon Dominican Republic a couple of years back, others from being in Tyrrel Bay for 2+ years.  
K-State Alum

One cruiser is a solo sailor named Farrow.  As we left the second place, he asked where we were from.  I said Kansas City.  He broke into "Kansas City Here I Come." - a common response.  At the forth stop I asked Farrow where he was from.  He had an accent I couldn't place.  "I am originally from Iran.  I came to the US in the 60's, to Chicago."   He said a couple of other things and then said....... "Kansas State University is where I graduated from."  WHAT?  "Yes, in Manhattan.  The school of engineering."  Of course we were the Big 8 then and the engineering school was in Seaton Hall, across from the Union."    WHAT!  Tom joined us and I had Farrow repeat it.  "WHAT?  No way!"  It turns out he was accepted into three schools.  One was in Michigan - "too cold". The other was Idaho somewhere.  And the third was K-State in Manhattan.  He looked up K-State and learned of its reputation as a top engineering school and that made up his mind.
You be the S - like this

Okay, you be the U
Tom looks more like the P sign than a K

New Years Eve we did the K-S-U sign.  It took us a bit to get organized but we did it.

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  1. Haha, too funny! Amazing what a small world it is.