Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sandy Island Carriacou

This should be called Pink Beach island.  There are pink blotches on the rocks, shell, and coral.  I am not sure why.  They break down into sand and thus the sand is pinkish.  It's beautiful.

It's called Sandy island but it's really a sand split.  There are no structures and no one lives there.  Its just off Hillsborough Carriacou.  To give you an idea of distances, that is Union Island in the background of the above pic.  Union Island is the next island north of Carriacou but actually a different nation.  It's part of the Grenadines.  
It's a marine park with 10 or so moorings to help protect the area.  $25 EC a night or $10 US.  We popped around here from Tyrrel Bay to snorkel and explore.  

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