Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Coastline along the Bocca leading into Trinidad

This was written in late June 2015

We are back in Trinidad for another hurricane season and it feels good to be here.  Both Tom and I were looking forward to getting here.  Several people have asked why Trinidad?  What is it about Trinidad that we like?  One is that Chagauramas is at N10.67 latitude - well below the official hurricane zone.  Yes, I know, there are no guarantees and a few hurricanes have come through this area in the past 100 years but odds are still much better out of the hurricane zone vs in.  B). You can get any kind of work done here on your boat;  fiberglass, canvas, rigging, electronics, stainless, etc....  3). Prices are reasonable.  Not cheap but reasonable.  4). Quality work.  5.).  Culturally, it is different than the rest of the Caribbean with a strong Indian/Hindu influence.  6.).  We've met some really nice local people.  7.).  The cruising community here is...... fascinating and unique.  8.).   Interesting things to see and do tourist wise.  9.). Jesse James-owner of Members Only Maxi Taxi.  Jesse makes Trinidad for cruisers by arranging shopping buses and putting together interesting island tours, trips to pan yards, cricket matches, etc... But primarily he is here for the yachting community no matter what the need.  Finally, Trinidad just fits us.  

However,  it is not for everyone.  Seriously, Trinidad is not everyones cup of tea (or brand of rum if you are a sailor).  Frankly, Tom and I have struggled a little to explain that even to ourselves.  The closest comparison I can give is that spending hurricane season in Trinidad is like moving into one of those neighborhoods on the verge of regentrification. - inner city/edgy/funky.   Not that Chaguaramas is being regentrfied but I think you get the idea.  There are other hurricane holes in the Caribbean that are more like living in the suburbs.  Some people like living in the inner city/edgy/funky neighborhoods and others like the suburbs.  Some like Trinidad for hurricane season and others like other hurricane holes.  

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  1. Fascinating. Sounds like Trinidad has in common with Belize that it is not for everyone and is very different from the suburbs. Glad you've found a place that suits you so well!