Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trinidad - The Flag Tour -The Pink Temple

We had just enough time to do a drive by of the Karya Siddhi Temple - the pink temple.  Jesse dropped us off on one side and we strolled though the outside grounds, meeting him on the other side.  It is very ornate with detailed carvings in the stone.  Beautiful and fascinating.   

When I say detailed, I mean detailed.  Take a look at the entrance behind me.  The grey things appear to be sharks eating some cross-legged dude that is praying.  HEY - I told you.  I don't know much about the Hindu religion and there was no guide! 
So colorful
There were two rows of what I would call "pews" out in front of this.  However, the below sign made it pretty clear there was limited access to go any further than those pews.  I didn't completely understand the sign  -Pradakshina Only (click the link to learn what that means - interesting stuff).

"No Exercising'  Weird but my kind of place.  Where do I sign up?
The temple is dedicated to Hanuman -the Indian monkey god.  At 85 ft, this is one of the tallest statues of Hanuman outside of India.
Hanuman is one tall monkey
This temple is also (or had in addition to) an ashram....I think.  There was a sign sort of hinting at that.  Sorry - again, severe lack of knowledge. 

Something new under construction

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