Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trinidad - The Flag Tour -Temple in the Sea

The front of the temple
On our grand day out with Jesse James....after the Pitch Lake and lunch, we stopped at the Temple in the Sea.
The sea - the Bay of ?? to be specfic
Okay, so it's not really IN the sea but it used to be and then the land was built up to protect it from being destroyed by the sea.
The back of the temple
I know next to nothing about the Hindu religion but I am trying to learn while here.  So far it's going slow.  I am probably going to need to read something to get a better feel. 
Shoes must be removed before entering all Hindu temples
Flags are big in the Hindu religion.  We see them not only at temples but up on street corners and in nearly every yard in Hindu neighborhoods. 

The temple itself was locked but one of the side windows wasn't.  D-oh.  NO, we didn't climb through.  We merely peeked in.  Inside was so pretty and colorful.

Trinidad has a rather large population with east Indian heritage.  They were first brought to Trinidad after the abolishment of slavery.  Indentured servants aka just a different form of slavery in my mind.

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