Saturday, October 31, 2015

New Cockpit Table

"Happy birthday to me.  Happy birthday to me.  Happy birthday to meee-he.  Happy birthday to me."

Check out my birthday present.

A brand new cockpit table.

Handmade by my wonderful husband Cap10 Tom and our good friend Kevin Haefner.   I am SO proud of Tom.  It's lovely.  Big thank you to Kevin.

Isn't it spectacular?!   We eat nearly every meal in the cockpit and spend most of our time there so it's pretty exciting to have a proper cockpit table.  Our old one just wasn't cutting it any more.

Thanks to John and Carlisle on Caliber sv Tasman for the idea of the table leaf.  This allows four people to dine comfortably and the galley wench can still slide below to dish up seconds.  Brilliant, right?!

  Thank Cap10 Tom.  I love my present. 


  1. AWESOME! Capt. Tom sure has the talent!

  2. I love the new table especially the extension. What a great cap10 you have 😎

  3. The craftsmanship is spectacular. Well done, congrats, and happy birthday!
    Capt. Annie