Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wind Generator Check Up

The wind blows alot in our anchorage so it's good to have this back in action
One morning on the cruisers net, we discovered that there is a fellow liveaboard that services ALL things wind generators.  Ours has been working fine but a couple of people have comments “sounds like your bears are going out” when they come on our boat.  SO….we decided to have Mason of s/v Out of Africa check it over.  Turns out we did need new bearings.  Mason knew exactly what to get and gave Tom the parts numbers.  Budget Marine (one of two awesome marine chandleries here in St Martin - think West Marine but with the actual stuff you need!) had the bearings.  
Prepping to put it back up
Mason worked his magic which included sharing tons of wind generator maintenance knowledge with Tom.  His philosophy is that Tom will need to know how to service and troubleshoot it himself.  He gave us the worksheet he uses when servicing each unit with important information for future reference - how kewl is that!  Tom re-installed it and it’s been happily spinning away making free energy for us since!  
No easy feat getting it back on the mount on the arch
FYI - Mason is also a very good guitar player and singer who performs at a couple of places on the Dutch side of St Maarten.  We went to hear him at Pineapple Pete's.  If you have the chance, go hear him play. 

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