Thursday, February 6, 2014

Shrimpy's Laundry and Yacht Services

Shrimpy's dinghy tie up spot.

Inside Shrimpy's doing some internetting for $3 each computer each session.  OR you can buy a Shrimpy's T-shirt for $10 and if you wear it in, you get free internet for your computer only.

Some of the used yachtie items for sale off to the right.

Tom checking out the street scene in front of Shrimpy's.

One of the unique dinghies here in St Martin
There is a very strong cruising community here in St Martin – in and around the lagoon.  A big reason for that is the cruisers themselves but also Mike and Sally at Shrimpy’s.  They own Shrimpy’s Laundry and Yacht Services.  Yeah….an odd combination but it works.  They have laundry services, secondhand yacht items and services.  The services cover a wide spectrum - like taking people to the airport to get a new main sail or taking a Soda Stream CO2 canister over to the far side of the island to be filled or acting as mail receipt address for cruisers and of course internet….all for a fee but hey, they need to make a living.  Mike also runs a morning cruisers net each morning at 7:30 am on VHF channel 10.  More later on this.  

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