Friday, February 21, 2014

Grand Case Street Fair

Grand Case St Martin Street Fair

Every Tuesday night through April - Called Harmony Tues
We heard on the morning cruisers net that Grand Case Bay (on the north side of the island) has a Tuesday night street market now through April.  We enjoyed Grand Case so much last time we were in St Martin 2008 on a bareboat charter, we decided to check it out while our friend Michelle was here.

It was awesome and we had a really fun time!  The anchorage at Grand Case it pretty as well.

It was more of a street fair then a market.  They close down the main drag in Grand Case to cars.  All sorts of vendors set up booths/tables.  Touristy stuff, local artist, tons of food booths and street music.  Tourist, cruisers, ex-pats and locals turn out to stroll up and down the lane all night.

We planned to wonder a bit and then find a place to eat.  However, we ended up just grazing as we strolled along.  There were so many yummy food booths and cheap - ham and cheese Johnny cakes booth, french fry booth, crepes booth, gyro booth, rum booth, beer booth (which was actually just locals with coolers etc.....YUM!
Pomme Frites booth

Pomme Frites served up in a proper cone shaped container

Pomme Frites with spicy mayo

Pomme Frites - straight Ketchup
There were many interesting artist booths.  Additionally all the local shops stayed open late. Michelle purchases several unique items.  I got an inexpensive kewl little ankle bracelet made by three 20 something white kids with dreads living in a commune....I think?  *White kids with dreads is still odd to me for some reason but to each their own.
Ooo la la  carnival outfits

Check out the green drums - jugs and a bucket painted green
A local band got all the people dancing along.  Down the street a little way another band with four outgoing singers had the people moving in that part of the street.  Later we heard the loud sound of drums.  A mini carnival type procession made their way down the street through the crowd lead by three lovely and scantily dressed ladies in full carnival "outfits."  They looked SO pretty.

We ended the evening at our favorite place Calmos Cafe on the beach.  *Compy Comp and Special K -you will probably remember having lunch here in 2008. They served up custom mixed banana rum sipping rum after lunch with the check (vs the American version the mint with your check) and then we had the task of freeing the dinghy outboard from under the dock. D-oh!

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