Thursday, February 6, 2014

Monthly Sailors Swap Meet

Hosts of the monthly swap meet
Along the canal by the French bridge

Real working man's yard

Many liveaboards here in this yard

Paul of s/v Sonic Boom and Tom check out the boats in the yard
Time Out Boat Yard had their monthly swap meet Sat Feb 2nd.  Anyone can come and sell their new or used boat parts.  This also acts as a big social event for all the local cruisers.  Like moths to a flame/light....the hope of a good deal, cheap beer and BBQ drew out most of the island’s cruising community. 

All three dinghy docks at Time Out Boat Yard were packed with cruisers looking for good deals at the swap meet.
Tom bought two small pieces of scrape aluminum (or Al-you-mini-UM as the Brits pronounce it!) for unknown future projects.  I bought a couple of rubber pieces to use as chafe guard on something in the future.

Paul and Tom looking over the "deals"

Some cruisers have small businesses out of shipping containers and thus were selling yachtie parts out of the containers.  


  1. Right across the street from the hotel we stay at when in St Martin (also a setting in "Windmaze")!

  2. Looks like it's time for Sabrina's Salon to open up again, or is Tom just trying to grow a ponytail?! ;-) Sorry, just jerking your chain! Looks like you're having a great time and enjoying being a part of the active cruiser community there. You sure picked a good winter to skedaddle out of Kansas -- as did we! :-)

  3. That's not a proto-pony tail, that's SPF-60 ;)