Friday, February 21, 2014

Banana Cafe - St Martin - Free Wifi

Finding good, reliable internet wifi is turning out to be quite a challenge and often an adventure while here in St Martin.  We cannot get free wifi on the boat.

Today we tried a new spot - Banana Cafe.  It's a lovely little cafe in the heart of Marigot.
French women are just SO fabulous
The woman who owns and runs it bought and built it back in 1986.  She said there wasn't much around her at the time and now the city has grown all around her.  A very shy, young local boy was our waiter most of the day.  He even helped Tom find the only corner where there was a plug to charge our laptops.  Very nice.  Wifi was fast and hand made juices good.


  1. Keep your eye out for a 50' steel boat with a yellow deck called Princes Mia. The captain is our friend Martijn Dikstra that we met in Oriental. He's from the Netherlands and he's a hoot to get to know. He's supposed to be arriving in the area soon.

    S/V Kintala

    1. That boat is here. We have seen it several times. We have not yet met them. They are in the lagoon and we are outside in Marigot Bay. Small cruising world