Thursday, March 30, 2017

Banana Museum - Martinique

YES, you heard that correctly.  There is a banana museum in Martinique.  And yes, it is kewl!
Impressive stats, eh?

We visited while our friends were here on holiday.
Look at the shape of those bananas

A tour bus arrived at the same time as we did.  The tour bus guide said we could join their tour - in English.

It started with samples of different local bananas.  YUM!  The banana business is huge here in Martinique.  The whole east side of the island is field after field of bananas.
More odd shaped bananas

There are something like 1000 different types of bananas in the world - eating, cooking and ornamental.
These looked like spaceships or a Venus Flytrap

There are 400 banana growers on Martinique.  They sell at a commercial banana market.  Most get exported to mainland France.  There are four dedicated container ships that ship these bananas to France.  I suspect the ships return to Martinique filled with French wine and cheese - at least they do in my dreams.  Ha!  

Here in Martinique, they use crop rotation to help the soil.  When it is time to rotate, they plant pineapples.  These are so sweet, they taste like candy.  Bananas and then pineapples- what is not to love!
Couple of "bananas" to be sure

It was an interesting stop.

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