Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Modern Art - Martinique

Foundation Clement Modern Art Gallery

In the Caribbean?  Yes!  Even the building was modern and kewl!  This gallery (Foundation Clement) is located on Habitate Clement, an old rum plantation and factory that is now a historical sight.
The entrance

Just to back up, we like modern art.  It is my favorite style of art.  I don't care what some say.  I find it intriging and thought provoking.
The current show

The current exhibit is on loan from mainland France's National Museum of Modern Art in Centre Pompidou (LOVE that place).  The best part of viewing a French art exhibit is that unless you are fluent in French, you cannot read the titiles (for the most part) and the description.  You are left to see the pic as you see it. This is how I believe ALL art should be!  If it were up to me, no art would EVER be titled.  Why?  Think about it....when you go to an art exhibit, you look at a piece of art and you see what you see.  Then you look at the title, description (if the artist has offered one) and general info about the piece.  Now you look back at the piece of art, it looks different doesn't it?  It looks more like the title and description and not what you originally saw.  However, this doesn't happen when viewing a non-English art exhibit.  Hurray!
Artful gang

Anyway, art soapbox aside, it was an impressive art gallery and an impressive show.  "Action and Material - A Different Abstraction"  focuses on abstract art that developed in Paris at the end of World War II 1945 to 1965.
Chatting it up

Then we moved outside to the sculpture garden.  Magnificient as well.
Interesting piece - I like it

Part of a mirror installation - kewl
The pieces stuck to the modern theme.

Those are freshly plowed sugar cane fields in the backgroud - powerful image I think

Some pieces were serious, some not.
I really like this piece

When we first arrived at the car park, there was a group of local school children in the sculpture park.  It probably wasn't as peaceful then but I like the fact they were there learning.  I am not good with kid ages but I would guess - 3rd or 4th grade.

It was late afternoon so the sun was on the far horizon.  I think it would be interesting to come back and visit at different times of the day and see how the light plays on these pieces throughout the day.

Lovely setting.
Purple power

Even the grounds had an art feel

The rhum factory is interesting as well.  Different than other rum tours we have taken.  It had more of a sophisticated, well thought out feel vs some old, musty, smelly rum factory.  Someone did a fantastic job all the way around in terms of designing the total Habitate Clement experience.
Old tanks made into stairs

Of course the French are tres chic.
Old rhum factory parts

The tasting room was too crowded so we just moved on.
On display or displayed as art?  Hum?

Photos on the wall (real rhum workers)were so moving.  It seems they could/would talk to you at any moment

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