Tuesday, April 4, 2017

New Friends - Martinique

Remember my favorite Carnival lady?

And her Carnival loving husband?

Back in February we did carnival in Sainte Anne Martinique.  There was one local couple that we saw each day.  They quickly became my favorites.  They dressed up each day and participated to the fullest.  You could just tell they were living life to the fullest and loving it.

Last night they and another couple were in one of our favorite places.   I stopped by their table and tried to chat.  Only one guy spoke a small bit of English, the others did not.  Our French is pretty much non-existent.  However, through drawing, gestures, and Google Translate, we were able to communicate.  Eventually Tom and cruiser Randy joined us.

But then it was closing time.  No worry.  They invited us back to the holiday villa they were sharing.  Randy bowed out and headed back to his boat.  Tom and I followed our new French friends to their villa.  It was a short walk, right across from the fish market here in Sainte Anne.

And it was lovely.  Just the perfect size.  We sat on the back patio drinking "punch" and "talking" some more - drawing, gesturing, acting out, Google Translating, as well as snapping pics.  It was fun.

They are all from mainland France. They have been over here for the winter.  Sadly, they are headed back to France tomorrow.
Different sash - the plot thickens

At the end of the evening, Michelle got out her sash from Carnival and we took another round of pics and had some big laughs.
Miss Penn Sardines

This is one of the best things about cruising, meeting interesting people.  

From Carnival

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