Thursday, March 30, 2017

Visitors - Martinique

We had visitors last week.

Our friends from Kansas came to visit.  They stayed in a small studio apt in Sainte Anne.

We went, saw, did, explored, ate, drank.....Tom and I fell into bed each night and slept like rocks.  Whew!

We rented a car for the week, taking two full days to tour the island.

And still we didn't see it all.  Not even close!

We introduced them to some of our cruising friends.

There was also a fair amount boat time on sv Honey Ryder.

As well as snorkeling and beach time.

The weather was good while they were here.

Perhaps a little too good.  There was some pink skin but that is quite common with people on holiday.

It was so nice to see them and we had a great time.  Thanks for coming guys!

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  1. Your OTHER friends?! Ha! Can't wait to get down there & experience the whole thing!! We're stocking up on sunscreen & I just ordered a new (to me) rash guard. New (to me) Keens showed up today too!