Thursday, March 30, 2017

Les Salines Beach Hike - Martinique

Saline beach

The winds finally died down and we got off the boat and did some hiking.
French love their beach hammocks

There are good hiking trails on the SW corner of Martinique.  They are relatively flat which is good since it has been ages since we hiked or even did a decent walk - AKA out of shape.
They really LOVE the hammocks

The hike takes you past several beaches.  Some are crowded, some are not.
Snack shacks

Some require swimsuits, other do not.  Hey, it is France!
Secluded beach

We had lunch at one of the many beach snack shacks on Saline Beach and then hiked back.
Quiet, rocky point

Near the end of our hike we passed a group of locals having their own beach party.  They invited us over and insisted we have a drink with them.  They were a young group of  beautiful people having a good time on a Tuesday afternoon.  We were hot, tired, sweaty and smelly but we didn't want to be rude.  They welcomed us anyway.  Through broken English and lots of gesturing we communicated.
Tom and gang

Here in Martinique they sell juice in big boxes with a spout like wine boxes.  It is common to see people at the beach with these boxes making "punch" by adding rum.  Others share bottles of French wine at the beach.  Not really a "cooler of beer" sort of island.
My turn

They wanted us to stay but we thanked them for the refreshment stop and headed home for a well earned swim.

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