Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rental Car - Day of Errands

Here in Trinidad cruisers often get rental cars - aka - a hire car to run a day full of errands.  They will go in together on a car (frugal) and then spend a hectic day getting cooking fuel (propane), diesel, stops at hardware store, grocery store, meat market and if there is time, Movietown.  I know that doesn't sound like much but you have to remember, cruisers are used to doing only one thing a day......because one thing takes ALL day. 
You never know what you will find in the rental car when you pick it up

Island cars are known for being a bit rough.  Laurie Damron from Women Who Live On Rocks said there are two types of island drivers.  "Those that have dented the car and those that are going to dent the car."   BTW - Funny read if you have the time.
Fully loaded trunk had us looking like a lowrider
The rental cars here are often referred to as "Rent a Wreck" or as author of The Spice Necklace, Ann Vanderhoof and husband Steve call them, "SDJ - shitbox du jour."
1 of 4 fuel runs
A couple of weeks ago, we went in on a SDJ.  The day started at 5AM so we could queue up at 6AM to see a local doctor.  Nothing wrong, just a checkup.
Four runs later, the car was turned back in with 45 mins to spare.  Actually it was 30 mins.  As Tom was turning the car back in, another cruiser was there to get a rental car just to pick up and deliver four bigass boat batteries to his boat.  Tom offered to drive him so he wouldn't have to rent a car.  However, despite being 14:15 in the afternoon, the marine business was closed so no batteries.  The car was thus turned in with 30 mins to spare and minimal fuel as it was rented with only fumes in the fuel tank.  They guys were sweating that one with fingers and toes crossed that they would get to a petrol station without running out of gas.  By the way -Tom wasn't the one who rented the SDJ aka not on the rental car agreement.  A cruiser from Wales was the one that rented it....not even the same nationality.  Oh well! You gotta love it. 

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