Friday, November 27, 2015

Caribbean Seasons

A couple of readers have asked about seasons down here in the Caribbean.  There are two seasons - rainy and dry.  We are currently in the rainy season.  It rains nearly every day but usually these are short and over quickly.  However, we do have days where it rains off and on all day, sometimes with heavy downpours.  For example - when were we just pulling in to the dirt (mud) lot from a big shopping trip to Price Mart (like Costco) and had multiple, multiple arm loads of groceries and supplies.  We looked like drowned rats by the time we got it all back to the boat. 

An important part of the morning net is the weather report not only for those trying to find a weather window to depart but also for those trying to complete weather sensitive boat projects like sanding/varnishing, bottom painting, waxing/buffing, rigging, etc....  But we all know this when we come down here and we adjust.  I simply do what the locals do and roll with my umbrella in my bag at all times.  Still beats snow, ice, coats, gloves and such.



  1. And sometimes even the rainy/dry seasons don't go by the calendar! Supposedly rainy season here in Playa is July-Sept, but this year, it was dry as a bone for those months, and Oct-Nov. have been much rainier than normal. No one here seems to have raincoats or carry umbrellas. People just duck under awnings and overhangs until the rain stops, then continue on their way. Or if they have to be out in it, I've seen quite a few locals "wearing" black plastic garbage bags with the head and armholes punched out. I have a nice rain jacket but feel like I draw too much attention to myself (as a "rich gringo") when I wear it, so I normally won't unless it is truly pouring.

  2. I always thought the Caribbean had at least 3 seasons: hurricane season, Carnival season, tourist season ... ;)