Saturday, November 14, 2015

Good Peeps

Special Note -
I wrote the draft of the below story shortly after Oct 15, 2015.  I have been hanging on to it for no other reason than there have been other blog postings that seemed more exciting - like touristy things or topical given we are in boat chore mode.  However, with the horrific terrorist events in Paris last night (11-14-15), I pull up the draft and read through it again as a reminder that the world is filled with good people.

October 17, 2015  
I want to share a story.  One that will support the theory that for the most part, people are good.

When we departed Trinidad in July to go back to the USA, we checked in at the airport counter and thus checked our bags there.  Then we went down to the local food court to our favorite booth and had a yummy traditional Trinidad meal.  Big one!  The woman at that food booth is a GOOD cook and we got not only plenty of peppa but plenty of food.  This time she introduced us to her grandson that looks to be about 16'ish and is now working in the booth as well.  I took the opportunity to ask how to make Geera pork.  They both shared in telling me the secret to geera.....but grandma ruled in that discussion as her grandson soon fell silent to his grandmothers years of experience.

Anyway, bellies full, we headed for our gate.  As we cleared through security, Tom's bag got an extra search.  He had forgotten all the security rules (we only fly twice a year now) and had sharp tools in his carry on.  It was a very nice and very expensive set of specialized drill bits for woodworking.  He planned to use these to make our new cockpit table while back in the states.  With our checked bags already checked, we had no way to check these.  The other items in our carryons needed to be carried on - electronics, meds, etc...   Buying a bag to send it was not a good choice because this set was in a wooden case 4x6.  There was no way to call anyone or mail it.  ugh!   Security tried to help with some of the above suggestions and showed great empathy.  Tom was sick about it and angry at himself for forgetting. We left them with security headed to the gate.

I just couldn't stand it.  I decided to try and save the set somehow.  I collected it and headed out through security, though the airport and down to the local food booth.  I approached our favorite booth and explained briefly our predicament.  Before I even got to the big favor, the woman was nodding her head.  I got choked up and whispered "Is there anyway I can leave this here with you until we return?  We don't have anyone else here."  She said "Of course baby.  You give that to me and I will hide it away safe back here" motioning to the inside of her booth.  I said "I am not exactly sure of our return date but it will be sometime in October."  To which she responded "No matter baby.  It will be here whenever you return.  I will tell my grandson too."  I clutched my heart with tears of gratitude still in my eyes and thanked her profusely "Thank you, thank you, thank you so much."  "No problem darling."

When I went back through security, the security woman that had tried to help asked me "Did you have any luck?"  I told her I left it with someone in the food court.  She frowned a bit and said "Did you get the persons name and phone number?"  "No" I said foolishly realizing that I should have.  She said the same "You should have!"  Sigh.  

October 15th, 2015 we landed back home in Trinidad.  We cleared immigration, claimed our bags and then cleared customs.  Our driver was waiting.  While he went to get the van, I left Tom with all our bags and walked down to the local food court.  The food booth was still there, it was open and the woman was there.  "I don't know if you remember me but we eat here each time we fly out of Trinidad and last July I left something here...."  I had not even finished and she was nodding.  "Yes, I remember you baby.  I have it here somewhere.  Let me just look."  It took a little searching as she had put it way back on a lower shelf.  Again, I teared up and thanked her profusely.  "No problem darling."  I then presented her with a KC Royals baseball pennant.  I explained that we brought it back just for her from our hometown and that our team was doing really well.  *This was post season but before the KC Royals WON the World Series!  I also gave her a bottle of Jack Stack BBQ rub and explained it briefly.  She smiled and thanked me.  I don't think she was too excited but her grandson came in through the back of the booth, eyed the KC Royals pendant and seemed interested.

While back in the USA, both Tom and I wondered a couple of times if the set would be there when we got back to Trini.  We felt very strongly that it would be and thus brought thank you presents for her kindness.  We find more often than not, people are good and willing to help out their fellow man/woman.  


  1. Thank you for sharing the story. On a weekend that has been overshadowed by darkness, it's nice to be reminded that there are good people in the world.

  2. Oh, I love this story! I am so glad you didn't leave the tools with security but thought to ask the sweet lady in the food court. I agree that most people really are good -- especially people who cook wonderful food! Thanks so much for sharing, and I am glad Cap10 Tom got his tools back. He is a lucky man to have you!