Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Canvas Maintenance

We paid as much for our cockpit enclosure as some people pay for a good used car.  I know, ouch!  But it was worth it.  Of course the conditions in the tropics are brutal - sun, wind, salt spray, stray lines whipping around, etc.... To keep our "investment" for as long as we can, I treat the canvas once a year with 303 Fabric Guard.  I am now going to up that to twice a year.  Once at the start of the season, and once mid-way through.  303 isn't cheap but it works well.  I generally buy a gallon here in Trinidad because it is much more expensive up island.  I also treat the zippers twice a year on the same schedule.  I use Zipper and Snap Lube on most of the zippers and snaps and Bee Knees Zipper Wax on those zippers that are prone to leaking - the front windshield zipper and the connector piece to bimini zipper.  The wax helps keep the water from leaking through during heavy rains or driving waves.
Fresh application of 303 the previous day - beading up nicely

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