Friday, April 3, 2015

North Sound Antigua

April 2nd
We pulled up anchor late morning and motored carefully out into the area call North Sound.  This area is filled with tiny islands, scruby spits, shoals, and reefs.  That is one reason we waited until late morning to head out.  We wanted the sun overhead so we can see the bottom clearly and any shallow spots, coral heads or reefs.  Our thought was to anchor near Great Bird island.  But we got a call on the VHF from sv Persphone, who was just ahead of us saying there were approximately 7 boats already anchored there.  They decided to try a really small anchorage between Redhead and Rabbit islands.  We continued towards Great Bird to have a look.  Plenty of room even with 7 boats.  Sv Persohone called back "It's awesome over here.  There is only one other boat."  Tom confirmed that there was room for us and we headed that way dodging shoals and skinny water as we went.  There was just enough room for us to anchor.  

Off our stern we have Rabbit Island - home to various birds that have kept me entertained this afternoon.  

On our bow is Redhead Island.  

To starboard is a French cat. I have not seen a person one stirring over there.  Maybe they are napping.  I took a little cat nap this afternoon.  Update -  By the time I took this pic, the cat was gone.

Off our starboard bow are a handful of scruby spits, shoals and reefs scattered among crystal water.  

To port is sv Persphone, a reef or two and Great Bird Island.  

A few rain showers kept us on the boat this afternoon - which was fine, but tomorrow looks to be a promising day for exploring this new anchorage via kayak, SUP and dinghy.  I am sure more bird watching and snorkeling is in order as well.  

We will probably be here for a few days.  However, low provisions means meals are getting interesting to say the least.  But I am up for the challenge. 

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  1. Looks absolutely beautiful. Love that water and lack of many other peeps!