Thursday, April 30, 2015

Classics Week 2015 - Dinghy Concert

The second annual classics dinghy concert took place this year.

Stacey and Renee sv Pipe Muh Bligh

Bev sv Aseka, Paul and Jill sv Elevation

Charlie sv My Way, Don and Janis sv Plane to Sea with their dog

This time the venue was mv Partners.
No Vidya, it's not my dish

Hakan and Anna sv Unicorn

Liz and Devon sv Moosetracks, photobomb Ed sv Windswept Dreams

White Chocolate (Dave and Trudy of s/v Persephone) performed with help from a few others at times.  Rock and roll oldies from the 60's and 70's.  
David and Nancy sv Fawkes

sv Margie NOT Maugie (as some S Africans mumble on the VHF! Ha!)

Everyone took munchies to pass.  People dinghy danced.

Lee went up his mast and took pics of the concert.
Concert photographer Lee - too much free coffee at the Panerai booth earlier in the day

sv Allergo with Lee up the mast

It was a good time.  
*Yes, I posted a lot of pics.  I couldn't cut anyone.  Sorry.

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