Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Circumnavigation of Antigua Continues

April 6th, 2015.
Get your favorite Eric Clapton song going in your head right now.  Have you got it?  Hum along.....is it going?  Can you hear it loudly?  Good.  Today we sailed into Indian Creek just below Eric Claptons compound.  Kewl huh?  This is a tiny bay hidden long the rugged south coast of Antigua.  You would never know it was there without charts as the enterance is nearly impossible to see unless you commit to going in there.  Once inside, it's like motoring up a canyon at first with rock walls on both side.  Then it opens up into a nearly enclosed small lagoon with room for one or maybe two boats.  Secluded.  No, Eric Clapton was not down on the shore to greet us.  Actually, we didn't end up staying.  It is surrounded by mangroves and land so the water was not clear.  Tom wanted to do some work under our boat so we need clear water and therefore headed back out and continued on around the southern coast.  
Carlisle Bay port view

Carlisle Bay starboard side

We anchored in Carlisle Bay or Clean Your Bottom Bay as we now call it.  We are here with 14 other boats.  Tom quicly got into the water to tackle a couple of underwater jobs.  Soon, I noticed two other boats with people in the water working on their boat bottoms.  After a bit a few small day trippers left.  Then I noticed three other boats pulled up anchor and headed out late afternoon.  One has a slip in Jolly Harbor but the water there is not clear there so I guess they came around here to use this bay making it truly Clean Your Bottom Bay. bahaha.  
Clear water
I don't remember a roll last year when we were here but we certainly had some overnight.  We also had some strong wind gusts.  This seems odd because we should be fairly protected with the high hills near by.  Oh well.  

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