Saturday, April 11, 2015

Circumnavigation of Antigua Complete

April 7th
After thirteen days, we have sailed back around to Jolly Harbor to re-provision, thus completing our circumnavition of the island.  We really enjoyed this adventure.  Other than taking the dinghy ashore to go hiking or walk on the beach, we had very little time on shore.  No towns, no restaurants or bars, no grocery shopping or boat part shopping.  And that was a nice change.  Just nature and us.  We had some boat to boat interaction, the VHF, SSB and of course the internet so we were not completely cut off.  But it was a nice, quiet, calm 13 days.  However, now that we have returned to civilization, we immediately went for take away at the local grocery store, two big provision runs, as well as dinghy gas and oil, trash and finally pizza and beer with crusing friends.

We found many places we would like to go back to and spend more time. But for a first time around, it was brilliant.  Now we head into pre-Classics week and then Classics Week.  Tom and I have been  asked to be volunteers this year so stay tuned for those updates.  Of course I will be taking tons of pics of the beautiful classic yachts so there will mucho boat porn coming soon.  Along with all of this, the social scene will kick into hyper drive compared to our normal cruising.  While we like to socialize, we are not into constant interaction, buddy boating or highly organized events.  And NEVER games -We do not play dominoes!  However, Classics Week is somehow different.  Cruisers all up and down the eastern Carribean converge in Antigua for Classics - us coming north and those in the north (like BVI's and St Maarten) coming south.  It's like an annual convention.  A chance to see cruising friends you have not seen in awhile, meet those you have only heard on the radio or seen in anchorages but not met.  And of course meet new people.  

There are numerous events.  The infamous Mount Gay Red Hat parties where cruisers drink rum to earn tickets to trade in for t-shirts and The Red Hat.  There is noodling in the mornings - water aerobics, hiking, dinghy concert, and lunches, sundowners, and dinners with friends.  This year there is a big cricket match  England vs West Indies, a cruisers jewelery show on a catamaran and possibly something called a kitty shitty wine party.   

And don't forget Classics Week events.  The racing, the awards, the parties aka free food and drink - the cruisers favorite.  

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