Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rock On Sailor - Honey's New Fusion Stereo

Previous pain in the ass to use stereo combined with West Marine dollars to burn landed us with a new Fusion Marine Stereo.  Sweet.  Never mind the conversion rate on West Marine dollars.  (*Yes - we do know the conversion rate - $$ West Marine dollars means we spent $$$+ real dollars.  Yikes!   We just ignore that thought, instead plugging our ears and singing "Sailing, takes me away...blah blah blah.)
Enter our new Fusion stereo.  Again - Sweet.  But nothing is easy on a boat.  Fusion is one of the few "true" marine radios making it a much deeper unit than the standard car stereo passing for a marine stereo.  I am not sure why this is but I was told by Lake at West Marine that it just is.   This meant our current stereo cabinetry needed to be modified.  Doable but not simply.   Cap10 Tom hooked it up easily enough so we had tuneage the first night.   Cabinet refit is still in progress.

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