Sunday, November 13, 2011

Class, Study, Test Time Again - or how to HAM it up

s/v Honey Ryder came with a very nice SSB - a type of HAM radio.  Neither Cap10 Tom nor I had our HAM license.  I have been trying over the past year to read the book and study so I can take the test.  Many, many people simply home study and then sit for the test.  However, that wasn't working so well for me.  I found the material very dry - as in read 3 pages and fall asleep.  Additionally, I just wasn't getting my people-person, non-science brain wrapped around the concepts.  So I decided a class would be the best way for me to learn, study and hopefully pass the test.

The last two Saturday's I have gone to class  from 9-5 in preparation for my HAM Radio license test.  A wonderful group of 5 instructors lead us through the chapters giving us the concepts, reviewing and quizzing us.  In addition I studied each night and took the practice tests.

It all paid off.  I passed, missing only one question!  YAY!  I now have my Technician Class HAM License.  And yes, there are tons of jokes here for everyone to cash in on.  My friend Sea Salt has already started "Hambone" to which I reminded him that was "Princess HAM" to him!  Another sailing friend asked "Did you really have to go to class to learn to be a HAM?  Aren't you already a master ham?"  Hardy har har.


  1. No Andy, HAM is not short for Hamster. Furthermore I will NOT be getting a vanity license plate with HAMster on it!

  2. Floy - no, we are not required to eat ham next time we are together although it sounds yummy now.