Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Birthday DDI


Oct 28th 2017

Remember when I told you about DDI to Chacachacare?  Down island limin'?

Well, Saturday was Susie sv Spirited Lady’s bday and her yacht’s bday as well and she always celebrates.   However, she is on the hard.  But she didn’t let that stop her.  She invited everyone for a DDI Bday.  She found a pirogue to take us for an afternoon DDI bday lime.  
sv Kaiso - Christo and Anna long time cruisers and Swedish Trini's

Swimsuits on, coolers in hand, approx 20 of us cruisers went.  Chagcachacare is 5 nautical miles away and the last Trinidad island before Venezuela and this time we were really close.  The driver dropped us off on an old concrete landing.  Susie lead the way across a short isthmus to a rocky beach on the west side of the island, facing Venezuela.  It was right there.  Right there!  In fact, I pointed to a tiny island with a signal marker on top – “Is that Venezuela too?”  sv Cape said “Yes, but Trinidad and Venezuela are always fighting about who owns that little rock.”  WOW!
Mr and Mrs Smith wade in for a dip

Most of the cruisers are here in Trinidad on the hard, aka no swimming, no beach time, working on boats, no fun time.  Of course many manage to find some fun but some are very much heads down working on their boats non-stop.  So a day at the beach, in the water was welcome.  It didn’t take 5 mins and everyone was in the water bobbing around.  Most stayed in the water most of the afternoon, only getting out to grab another drink and a munchie or two. 
Cruisers DDI Bday lime

Susie shared a coconut bake she bought at the Green Market that morning.  We all shared nibblies and someone lit candles stuck in brownies as we sang Happy Birthday, then it was back in the water. 
John, Sandy, Roberta examine termite carvings on the stick
Soon the sun was closer to Venezuela and we were all pruny, 16:00 time to meet our boat.   

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  1. Did you two cruise the islands around Venezuela? I hear the water around Crasqui is beautiful!

    Brett and Heather