Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Potential New Friend - Let The Stalking Begin

So here is the story of the day....

I was doing research to get our passports renewed here.  I realized that I did not have the US Embassy - Trinidad info in my phone.  I always have local US Embassy info in my phone.  Along with contact info, I usually put the ambassador info in there too.  Ready for the kicker?.....The current Charg√© d'Affaires "ad interim"  for Trinidad is John McIntyre.  Before his foreign service work he got his masters at KU and worked for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.  I know, right!  

So of course I immediately think "we should be friends with this guy."  Of course there was no email available.  I thought about sending a fax as that number is posted.  But that seemed....weird/creepy.  I know, I know....I realize the irony but hang in there with me!   More internet research was needed.  Marina internet was rubbish so I cut and ran for the local bar.  Hey, don't judge.  Their internet is fast.  

Back to John.  I quickly found some additional info.  He is on Linkedin.  I hate Linkedin.  I am on it because of my previous life.  Forced thing.  After leaving land life I changed my profile (if you can call the scarce info I have there a profile) to say Sailing Instructor ASA because I got sick of people (headhunters) trying to connect with me via Linkedin.  It has been so long since I logged on, I didn't have record of my password.  I got a new password and logged in.  I soon found the correct John McIntyre.  Dum-dum-dum......

YES -- I sent him a message.  Of course I did.  You all KNEW I did!!  It was short....there are only so many characters allowed.  I told him basic stuff - USA/KS sailors currently in Chag for hurricane season.  I noticed he spent time in KS and that there were many USA sailors in Chag.  I told him he should come visit us out in Chag.  Then I threw in a "Go Chiefs!" just for fun.  We shall see what comes of this.  Maybe I should have invited him to come “lime” with us ex-pats in Chag, you know….use the local lingo.  But then again, maybe not.  His foreign service record says he has been a “few” places so maybe good ol' Merican is what I should have used.     

Oh shit!.....while typing this power has gone out.  Ah in the Caribbean.  Never boring.   Of course internet is gone too.  I guess I am posting this later.    

So anyway, we shall see what comes of my  

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