Sunday, September 18, 2016


Sunday September 11, 2016
A fellow cruiser and blogger (Paul on Lat43) occasionally does a Random Thoughts blog.  Usually on Sunday.  I enjoy his and thought it was a good idea.  Random thoughts happen often to me, turns out the key to keeping friends, staying married, not freaking out the people at the next table is to not blurt them out loud.  Therefore why not save them up and cram them together in my own blog posting?  So here goes - in no particular order

Love our cockpit enclosure but man is it a pain in the ass to put back together at the beginning of each season.  It takes a Phillips screw driver, two people (minimum - a third person is nice when we can trick someone into helping) - four arms, shoulders, and heads, contorting our bodies for several hours (3-4 minimum) to get it all back on.  Oh yeah, and swearing. 

Trini's love their music.  7AM Soca alarm this morn for us compliments of our neighbor.  Nice of him as it was a new Soca song we have not yet heard.  No really, we don't mind.  It's just how they roll here and we are good with it.

There is no sleep like sleeping on a boat.  Ahhhhh.....

Mozzies were circling me last night.  I sprayed myself but with the nice smelling, weaker stuff vs Deet.  I had just taken a shower and couldn't bring myself to coat myself in Deet so I went with the weaker stuff.  Mozzies found the few spots in between sprays.  Ugh!  

Mozzies suck.  I know, I know, they are probably necessary to balance out the whole insect, animal, planet thing but a girl can wish.  Was the Butterfly Effect that bad?  

Boat hair is back.  Good thing I didn't cave in while stateside and go with bangs.  It would have been a big mistake.  Although maybe layered fly-aways all the way around ones face is the new style.  Yeah, right! 

Cruising friends that take care of your home while you are away are tops!!!  Even if they do swipe a pen or two.  *Running joke with the boat watchers.  Thank you Mark and David.

Dehumidifier rocks!  Thank you Pat and Joan.  FYI - Dehumidify and its tenses is hard for non- English speaking people to say.  But fun to hear them try.  They win regardless as they are multi-lingual, we are not sadly.

Cruising friends that make you fresh, boatmade bread are good friends to have.    Thank you Sarah.  She bakes in the tropics, impressive! 

We are at 10 something latitude aka Nutella starts to turn to liquid at this latitude.  Shot of Nutella anyone?  

Tom loves one pot meals.  I love him for that....and many other reasons.

It's the rainy season.  Boat projects must be planned accordingly.

The open close hatches game is in full swing.  For you non-boaters, it's much like the in out game cats and dogs so love to play and just as much fun for humans - not!

We've nearly found a spot of all the stuff we hauled back from the USA.  Sheesh....all those little things add up.  However, some serious sorting and off loading needs to happen as well.

My new swimsuit top has become my uniform aboard - see melting Nutella above.

Yes, we rented an air conditioner last year.  No, we probably won't this year.  We don't plan to be here long enough.  It cools down nicely at night.  D-Oh - several nights later I am editing and Ho Lee Cow it's hot!

It's good to be back in the pool at Coral Cove no matter how small and how many leaves, etc.... are floating in it.  

French press boat coffee is so good.

My husband likes leftovers.  I like him for that and many other reasons.  

Cruising friends that are also master divers and help you find a used diving BCD for $50 vs $350+ are fabo friends to have.  Thank you Laura and Jason.

The tall sport fishing boats on either side of us seem to be blocking our access to wifi signals.  This means we can't currently get wifi on the boat.  This also means we must go to Cafe Feel Oh for wifi....where there is AC and cold beer.  Update - we are now getting wifi and internet.

Still seems to be a fair number of Trinidad fishing pirogues cruising (or zooming) through the area without any nav lights night.  No Nanny State here!

Of course we also take time today to remember 9-11.


  1. I like it.

    I am in the middle of one now. Never realized I was posting on Sundays. Is today Sunday?

  2. Loved this post -- and your new swimsuit top rocks. You look great -- so tan and healthy!