Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bye Bye Microwave Faraday Box

Sv Honey Ryder came with a small microwave.  We rarely used it.  I just don't cook much with microwaves.  We prefer stovetop, grill and the occasional oven meal.  We mainly stored spices in there.  During the odd storm with lightening -- which thankfully we don't see much (knock on wood), I would toss all the spices into the sink and shove various electronics into the microwave, making it a Faraday box - hopefully.  However, this was rare.

At the end of this past season (number 3 - can you believe it), we decided to yank out the microwave and make a proper cabinet for spices and such.  Sv Cape was happy to take the microwave off our hands for use while they are living on the hard.  Ho lee cow - the space behind the microwave was even bigger than we thought.  Woo hoo.  

Tom measured and pondered, and measure some more.  While back in the USA he bought five pieces of teak (cha-ching, cha-ching) but luckily only used two (single cha-Ching) for this project.

A couple of evening in our buddy Kevin's shop and the cabinet facing was complete.  He sealed and stained it and then carefully packaged it up for transport back.  

It's now installed and yesterday I loaded it up with spices and such.  Very nice!

Spices and such

Are you seeing all this space we gained?  We still have the oven as a Faraday box should we need. 


  1. That's great -- so practical and looks lovely too. We use the RV in our microwave quite a bit when we have electric hookups, but mostly just for heating up water for tea or oatmeal, or heating up leftovers. I do use it for storage for random stuff like bread, tomatoes, etc, when we are on the road as well. So I would not be able to part with it, but in your case, I can see where it made total sense. Good job!

    1. Can you use your microwave without hookups? It's weird because I should have used it more here in the tropics but I just like the taste of various cooking methods that add layers and such depth of flavor that can't be accomplished with a microwave.

    2. No, we can't use it without hookups unless we run the generator. SO yes, we can, but we try not to run the generator much (noisy, uses gas). But we do have hookups most of the time, though not as much recently; we've been boondocking a lot. That's when the microwave gets used for storage. I totally agree on the flavors, etc., but we've been so busy traveling and having fun that cooking has been VERY simple to non-existent this summer. My cooking skills are going by the wayside as we eat a lot of salads and wraps!