Monday, September 12, 2016

End Of Season Prep -Stripping Her Down

Stripped down for hurricane season

June 2016
Below is a list of the things that we did to prep sv Honey Ryder for hurricane season.  We are in NO WAY experts.  And not all these things had to be done.  It's just how we chose to prep our boat for us being absent for a bit.  Additionally, we had the time.

Day One
Complete boat scrub including hosing down inside of cockpit enclosure, hardware, lines, ect...
Soaking of jack lines, harnesses, tethers, boom brake, boarding step, dinghy ratchets/webbing straps
Screens hosed off and wiped down
Cockpit electronics wiped down 
Vinyl window material rinsed 
Port lights cleaned and stainless polished outside 
Windlass taken apart, cleaned, greased and back together
Engine oil purchased - 2 gallons of 15-40

Day TwoAlarm 5:50am 
Waxing deck 6:05AM- 1st coat  - NO, not the non-skid.  The other parts.  Sheesh!
Polish stainless steel on deck - 1/2 completed
Yacht surveyor contacted - to schedule return survey
Rigger contacted - for stay sail tuning
Project planning and materials procured 
Portlight inside cleaned, polished and gasket lubed inside
Water maker flushed and pickled
Harnesses, jack lines, boom brake, dinghy ratchet/webbing stowed
Cockpit waxed - 1/2 completed
Various zipper internally cleaned and treated
Zarcor doors cleaned 
Helm pedestal nuts loosened- they have been frozen
Helm stainless polished 
Storage in forward shower

Day Three - Up at 5:50AM
Port stainless steel polished
Starboard side uv wax protector coat
Portlight curtains soaked, and hand washed
Bean bag covers, cockpit throw cushions, helm cover, cockpit cubby hole cover hand washed and treated with 303 fabric proctor
Rugs washed, hung dried
Cockpit waxed - remaining 1/2 completed
Aft hanging locker conversion project started

Day Four
Trip to the mall to buy new cell phones
Session with cruising teenager to learn about new cell phones - yep, we are old!
Jam session

Day Five
Aft hanging locker conversion - shelves cut, sanded, primer on
Microwave removed
Galley - everything removed, liner removed/washed/dried, storage areas and drawers clean, unused items sorted and jettisoned, then everything put back in place, stove cleaned, spices sorted and stored in plastic bags and then plastic airtight containers
Salon shelves empty, sorted, cleaned, then everything put back in place
SSB mic unplugged and dielectric grease added
Jib lines rinsed and dried
Spare halyards soaked
Airport car service arranged

Day Six
4 huge loads of laundry
Port side uv wax protector - coat 2 of wax
Dug out winch and  hatch covers - why are these always in the far bottom of the locker!
Clean out food lockers, wipe down, boric acid to keep bugs out and put it all back in place - empty containers cleaned
Murphy's wood soap interior wood
Test 12v de-humidifier 

Day Seven
Stay sail rinsed and stowed
Headbands washed and cleaned
Waxing complete
Various knives (rigging, dive, ect) cleaned, wd40 and stowed in baggies and container
More rigging lines soaked, rinsed and stored
Winch and hatch covers on
Oil changed
Landry - whites
Luggage out - zippers checked
Drill hole in catch basin of dehumidifier and epoxy drain hold with tube for draining into galley sink

Day Eight
Cockpit cushions scrubbed, rinsed and dried
Check out with marina - specific paperwork needed
Cabin sole cleaned - Murphy's oil soap
Fruit and veg hammock cleaned
"Kitchen Closed" - officially 
Vinegar wipe down of all surfaces - walls, ceiling, ect.... (wood done with oil soap) 
Speed log removed from thru hull, plug installed
Sarongs ( cushion back covers) cleaned
Fans wiped down with vinegar 
Cushions turned up on edge for air circulation

Day Nine - final day
Cockpit cleared - various items stored in cockpit locker
Checked out of immigration and customs
Returned customs paperwork to Coral Cove Marina
Cockpit canvas down (dodger, bimini)
Vinyl window material polished
Cockpit cushions stored upright against shower door
Vinyl window material rolled and standing in shower
Dodger vinyl window material hung over closet pole in shower
Bean bag tied up in shower
Portlights shaded - silver auto windshield shade cut to size
Shut off propane, burn off remaining gas in line
Stow and lock outboard on stern rail
Remove coconut cockpit light
Remove cockpit speakers
Arch, solar panel frame, bimini and dodger frame stainless steel polished
American and Trinidad flags washed and stowed
Arch gear bag stowed
Life sling and life ring rinsed, dried and stowed
Marked fenders with boat name
Cleaned heads
Vinegar heads
Pack for stateside visit
Bag silverware 
Clean fridge, freezer, food bins
Plug in dehumidifier 
Review items with Boat watcher
Rugs below
Remove cockpit table for storage below

Flight Day
Close thru hulls - except sink, engine
Remove portlight screens
Disconnect Zyxel wireless router and power off bullet
Trash out
Power everything off on nav staion panel except 12v (dehumidifier), bilge pump, DC in
Vinegar sinks
Open DampRid packs and place in both sinks, extra out for replacement
Notes at nav station for boat watcher
Turn salon seat cushions up on end
Lift mattress up for air flow
Move aloe plant "Sir James" to cockpit 

Of course we have to do the reverse of all of this and then some when we get back in Sept.  And so goes the cruising life.  

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  1. Lordy! I suspect you do more than 99.9% of cruisers. You two were born for this lifestyle!