Monday, August 1, 2016

Tom's New Drum

Various Carriacou drums
June 2016
One of the reasons we came back to Carriacou was to pick up the custom, handmade drum that Tom commissioned back in January 2016.
Tom's future drum
 Okay.  It's not quite ready but the drum was really just an lame excuse.

Levi singing "My Way" one of his favorites, at his rum shop

Tom jamming with locals and cruisers

We like and enjoy Carriacou.  Every time we are here, we find new and interesting things to see and do as well as repeat activities like drumming, visits to Windward, pizza night, lion fish hunts, hiking and such. 

Richard and Diane of Lumbadive

Captain Randy of sv Sinbad with crew Desmond

And of course there is always the wonderful people of Carriacou - locals, ex-pats and cruisers.
Sabrina and Willie (sv Liahona)
   What's not to like!!
Tom, Sabrina, Rowena, Richard (sv Galene)


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