Monday, August 1, 2016

Carriacou Lion Fish Hunt June 2016

Fearless hunters OR clueless
June 2016
We couldn't pass up a chance to go lion fish hunting again with Lumbadive.  We had a full boat with 7 divers and 4 snorkelers - Look out lion fish!!
Bill and Sharon from sv Casa Blanca were on our lion fish team

Our lion fish hunting team was lead by Diane of Lumbadive and consisted of Bill and Sharon from Caliber 40 sv Casa Blanca and us.  Go Team Caliber!
Splash down

The two dive teams headed off in different directions to look for lion fish.  This strategy also probably helped avoid some sort of Dick Chaney like hunting accident.....remember that?  Just kidding. 
Tom on the hunt

Of course a big part of the fun of the lion fish hunt is looking for them. 
Sabrina on the hunt

Lion fish tend to hide under rock ledges and such.  However, the pros at Lumbadive know all the secret lion fish hiding holes on all the reefs around Carriacou.
Bill on the hunt

And the reefs around this island are fantastic!  So pretty. 
Such lovely colors

They are in good shape as well.  This is no doubt in part because of the efforts of Lumbadive with lion fish hunts and sea urchin relocation.  

We spotted and speared a few lion fish.
NOT a lion fish

We also saw many other amazing sea creatures and stunning coral.

Sting ray
Another sting ray

Mutli- talented Diane lead us fearlessly while take pics, shooting lion fish and carrying the lion fish bucket containing our catch. 

Have I mentioned how amazingly beautiful the underwater world can be? 

*These pictures were taken by Diane of Lumbadive.  I also might have one or two pics from Liz of sv Moosetracks.  Thanks ladies. 

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