Monday, August 1, 2016

Blogging Friends

June 2016
sv Honey Ryder and sv Kelly Nicole
We have several blogging friends.  These are fellow bloggers whose blogs I follow and vice versa.  99% are sailors and/or cruisers.  *Sorry, I don't have time/bandwidth to follow the blogs of dirt dwellers with the exception of a few peeps.  In some cases, we have not met these fellow blogging cruisers.  In other cases, we have - even if it's just once like Life Afloat blogger Jaye and hubby Dan of sv Cinderella OR blog Lat43 with Paul and Debra of sv Kelly Nicole OR Caliber blog Hello World with Jason and Christy of sv Hello World.   FYI - the last boat is a Caliber that is up for sale.  Jason and Christy have decided they want some dirt time.  Crazy I know but....if you are looking for a great cruising sailboat, contact them!

Smiles all the way around
We were very excited this season because sv Kelly Nicole was headed to the Caribbean for the first time - newbies!  We bought champagne, cheese, and other nibbles in Martinique in anticipation of a reunion and celebration.  They finally caught up with us in late May but then......blew past us!  WTF!!!  We couldn't believe it!  Actually, we could but teased them pretty hard and applied generous helpings of guilt just for added fun.   But weather rules a cruisers life.  They got a good weather window, took it and sailed past us.  However, they couldn't shake us that easy.  We wrapped up our time in Dominica and headed south in hot pursuit, catching them in Carriacou.  

Tom and Paul sharing some laughs
It was SO nice to see them again and get caught up.        


  1. Still feel bad about that but we waited for you and it all worked out. Thank you for the bubbly and the treats. Good seeing you guys again.

  2. Glad we got to meet while still land locked since it looks like Caribbean plans are on hold for a while. Also glad you guys got to meet Paul and Deb finally. We miss them bunches!

    SV Kintala