Friday, April 29, 2016

Tobago - Do You Have

Dash showing off the kingfish he caught

As I mentioned before, we quickly got to know some of the locals in Charlotteville.  It's a small fishing village that is somewhat isolated where everyone knows everyone.  Because of this everyone helps everyone else out.  They soon included us in this.  They were not shy to ask us for things or a ride whether stopping by our boat at anchor or chatting with us ashore.  Sometimes we could and did assist, other times we declined.  We've had this a bit in other places but it was full on here.  Not aggressively, just honest asking.  And that was ok.  It fit with the feel of this tight little village.  No different than you would find in any small town USA.     

A few of the things we were asked-
"Do you have any WD40?"

"Do you have a light?"

"Do you have anything to drink?  Coke?  Beer?  Something stronger?" Or "What do you have to drink?  I am very thirsty."

One local charter boat captain asked if we had any fishing line and a lure.

"We going to da beach.  Can you take us?" 

"I need a ride out to my fishing boat.  Can you take me out and back?" 
"I see you lock your dinghy or I already borrow it to go out and back."  

"Do you have US dollars?  I have a friend who would like to exchange some."

"I have am able to exchange money for you so you can change your US dollars into TT if you need."

"Do you have a cell phone?  I need to call my brother to come and get some fish." 

"You live on a boat.  I never been on a sailboat.  Maybe I can come out to your boat tomorrow and take some pictures aboard to send to my girlfriend in Trinidad."

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  1. Yikes...I would not like these kinds of questions! Sadly, I have become kind of jaded. In Belize, it was rare that a local wouldn't ask for a mile after you'd given them an inch. We got asked for money (significant amounts, not just a dollar or two) a couple of times by locals we had befriended, and it was very uncomfortable. Everyone said that if you gave someone a "loan", you'd never see your money returned, so of course we never did it.