Friday, April 29, 2016

Fish House Politics

New fish house in Charlotteville
I have mentioned before the various fish houses we see on the islands here in the eastern Caribbean, some of them very nice.  Most of these have been built by other governments as a kind gesture.  Yeah right!  Cough, cough..... Japan, China and Venezuela are building these out of the kindness of their government hearts - HA!  Some fish houses built by local governments sit empty.  Fisher men refuse to pay whatever fee to use the new fish house.  The FREE local fish market usually located a few feet from the water on the beach works just fine with it's makeshift shade of tarps and crude fish cutting tables make from scraps wood.  And it's FREE.
Current fish market that seems to be working just fine
Anyway, here in Charlotteville there is a very nice fish house across the street from the current fish market.  This one was built by the THA (Tobago House Assembly).  It's nearly done but there are NO plans to move in as of yet.  Why you ask?  Inquiring minds want to did we.  According to a few local fishermen - politics.  Ugh!  One of the political parties is holding the fish house hostage (so to speak) until after the election in January or February 2017.  They hope to get votes in exchange for a promise to open it.  Weird I know but then again aren't all politics weird no matter what country?   

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