Sunday, April 10, 2016

Annual Easter Goat Races in Tobago - Final

Random things we heard via the commentators in two days of Goat Racing.  In no particular order.  And these are only a few.  There were so many!

"If you are parked where you shouldn't be, please move your car."

"The person with license plate PDA 372, you are blocking in the Minister of Tourism, please tend to it now."

"It's rather embarrassing for you parents to be losing your children."

"Please hold on to your children.  You took the time to make them, now hang on to them." 

"We have a missing child announcement.  Hello Ms.   I am going to let you tell us so you are embarrassed and this won't happen again."

"Please get your youngsters off the rails near the track and back from the actual track."

"Please clear the run off area so you don't get injured by a goat." 

"Where is Tash?  Where is my co-host?  Well, she is off doing something."

"Hello?  Girl signing people up for the beer drinking contest.  Hello?  Where are you going?  We have more people to sign up.  Hello?  Where are you going?  Well....she is not listening."

"Where are the foreigners?  I need my foreigners to come forward for the next event.  Ohhh, I mean visitors.  I am told I need to say visitors and not foreigners."

"It's a lovely evening for racing and a colorful crowd."

Tom asked a guy -"How did you get that cooler in?  The sign at the gate said no coolers?"  Answer - "You just bring it in."

Goat Names we came up with if we owned a Racing Goat
Shadow Bennie - herb in Trinidad and Tobago (chadon beni)
Mr Illustrious
Kid Charlemagne
Deep Purple
Buss up - food dish in Trini
Tall Cool One
Mighty Sparrow - famous Trini Calypso singer
Racer x
Pirate of the Caribbean
Mission Control
Rock Me Amadeus
One is One
One Love
I am Spartacus
Vegas Baby
Breaking Bad
Feed Bag
Scotch Bonnet - Trini hot pepper

Yeah....we had fun.  

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