Sunday, June 28, 2015

Stadium Seats

We have found that these seats are very handy to have on board.  I use one in the cockpit when I want to face forward and need a backrest.  Some people use those padded, hinged seats for that.  But we have nice cockpit cushions so those would be overkill for us.  Plus we really don't have the storage space for those.  Stadium seats are small and fold very flat.  I specifically chose ones with no metal to rust.  
The other handy use for these is that they are great for events ashore, like the various music fests, cricket match and beach parties we've attended.  All have been seating on the grass or sand.  I simply cannot sit for hours on the grass comfortably on my own.  We take our stadium seats, loading up the mesh pockets on the back with sunscreen, bug spray, water bottles, umbrella and paero.  They are light weight, compact and easy to carry.  The backrest makes all the difference in comfort at these events.  Standard fold out chairs take up too much room on the boat and soon turn to rust in our environment.  These work perfectly ashore.

We have found that paeros make a much better ground cover than a blanket or towel.  It doesn't pick up loose grass, sand or dirt.  When we are done, we just shake it out.  They also make quick and easy shades in our cockpit on late afternoons for those times when the boat angle is just right and the sun is low on the horizon and burning straight into the cockpit.  I simply attach them to the bimini and frame with clothes pins to block out the blazing sun.   

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